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This podcast's purpose is to bring together the field of neuroprosthetics/brain machine interfaces/brain implants in an understandable conversation about the current topics and breakthroughs.

We hope to replace needing to read scientific papers on new research in an easy to digest way.

People can share thoughts or ideas to facilitate 'idea sex' to make the field of brain implants a smaller and more personal space.

May 16, 2022

Evan Coopersmith is the galactic head of admonishment and also executive vice president of data science at Agency Enterprise Studio. There they do contract work for machine learning in neuroscience and neurotech.

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Top 3 Takeaways:

  • "One of the arguments I've often made is that it isn't only the hardware that holds us back. It is the software. When the software reaches a level of sophistication, suddenly the hardware is orders of magnitude more impactful."
  • "Clearly we have learned how to understand patterns. We call these latent patterns in the data. The challenge we're involved in spoke to this idea of these latent patterns that exist in neurological data. And I think that's where the software has to take the next step of understanding those latent patterns in the same way."
  • "One of the things that we're interested in is the unsexy efficiencies of how do you run data science analysis? In this field, how do you construct the infrastructure for it? How do you ensure that you're not driving your Ferrari on gravel roads?"

0:45 Do you want to introduce yourself?

2:30 What does AE Studios do?

8:00 How do you use machine learning for neuroscience?

11:00 How does your company work? When do they come to you?

12:30 Iris Biomedical ad sponsorship

13:00 Do you want to talk about your checkers and chess software analogy?

20:45 What is your company's headcount?

22:45 What are you guys working on which is not covered by NDA?

25:30 How do you guys run the software?

26:30 Is there anything that you wanted to talk about that we didn't mention?