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This podcast's purpose is to bring together the field of neuroprosthetics/brain machine interfaces/brain implants in an understandable conversation about the current topics and breakthroughs.

We hope to replace needing to read scientific papers on new research in an easy to digest way.

People can share thoughts or ideas to facilitate 'idea sex' to make the field of brain implants a smaller and more personal space.

Oct 12, 2022

Dr Angelique Johnson is the founder and CEO of MEMStim which is a leading global medical device outsource manufacturer (MDO) serving the neurostimulation market, based in Louisville, KY.

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Top 3 Takeaways:

  • "Our true competitors are actually not microfab but actually hand assembly, manual assembly"
  • "I'm an accidental entrepreneur- the more I pitched, the more I thought about the business idea, the more I talked to actual customers the more I realized like, Hey, there's actually a need and we actually have a pretty good revenue model for meeting that need."
  • "Kentucky actually matches investment and grant dollars depending on where your grants come from."

0:45 "Do you wanna introduce yourself better than I did?"

2:45 How did you make 3D cochlear device out of 2D microfabrication?

4:40 "Tell me about the founding of MEMStim"

8:00 Are you guys moving away from MEMS and towards 3D printing only?

9:00 Is the future 3D printed soft materials?

10:15 Iris Biomedical ad sponsorship

11:00 "Who are your customers right now?"

13:45 "What does the design process look like?"

16:15 "Have you helped companies get through ISO certifications and FDA approvals?"

18:30 "Do you guys do the implantable pulse generator or do you just do the electrodes?"

21:00 "Are you guys also prepared to ramp that up into actual production?"

22:45 "Do you have any advice for how you've survived for so long?

29:45 "What are the last five years that looked like and what are the next five years look like?"

31:00 "You're based in Kentucky, Louisville. Is there any reason for that?"

33:15 "Is there anything that we didn't talk about that you wanted to mention?"