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Neural Implant podcast - the people behind Brain-Machine Interface revolutions

Jun 12, 2017

Jens Naumann was the first person to be able to see using bionic eyes after he lost his vision in both of his eyes. After proving his usefulness he was hired by the team of Dr. William Dobelle as a technical person with first hand (or first eye) experience. He was able to see 19 pixels using this brain implant and with this was able to drive a car which got him on the cover of WIRED magazine. After Dr. Dobelle suddenly died a year into the experiment, Jens was able to pick up the pieces using his technical knowledge of the project and write the book Search for Paradise: A Patient's Account of the Artificial Vision Experiment 


Wired magazine aug-2002 front cover featuring Jens' head


Page 99 compact image driving car on Wired